Links Hiking in High Tatras and Slovak Paradise. High Tatras - an area whose natural beauty makes it one of the most remarkable recreation areas in Slovakia. Hiking paths, ranging from gentle to highly demanding, wind among spectacular peaks and rock walls. Throughout the High Tatras, trails are indicated by colored markers, and there are wooden arrows to show you the way on most crossings. You can't get lost as long as you have a map and stick to the trails. The best map to get is the Slovak 1/50.000 Vysoké Tatry map (nr. 113 of the Turisticka Mapa series that covers the entire country, easily recognized by the green-and-yellow look). It's available in bookstores, tourist offices and kiosks throughout the country, and in some of the mountain huts. It shows all the color-coded trails, and how long it takes to walk them (to be taken with a grain of salt, but a good guideline), as well as mountain huts, railways, cable cars, sights, etc. Tatranska Magistrala is a red-marked trail which crosses the Tatras from east to west, starting at Velke Biele pleso in the east, and continuing beyond the borders of the High Tatras map in the west. This is one of the most popular trails and, if it is your first trip, any part of this trail would be an excellent place to start. It would take about 15 to 16 hours to walk from Velke Biele pleso to the town of Podbanske in the western Tatras (or the other way 'round), but there are six mountain huts along the way so there's no need to do it in one go. The most spectacular parts of the Magistrala are between Skalnata chata at the cable car-station and Chata pri Zelenom plese at Zelene lake (2 hours 45 minutes); and between the Sliezsky dom mountain hotel and Chata pri Popradskom plese (3 hours 30 minutes), though the zigzaggy trail directly east of Popradske lake is also the hardest part of the red trail. Slovak Paradise-Tourist routes in this Slovakia National Park are clearly marked and their most dangerous parts are equipped with ropes and ladders. Thanks to them, all passing tourists are perfectly safe. The Slovakia region is characteristic by coniferous forests and rare protected plants as for example the edelweiss or the spring gentian. Good Advice - bring good shoes, a raincoat and a water bottle (water from streams or sources is generally safe to drink). It's safest not to attempt the more difficult trails on your own. If you want to go hiking from hut to hut but not with a big pack, leave it at the left luggage office at Poprad train station and take what you need in a smaller backpack.