Links A region flagged by the peaks of this mountains where hiking and winter sports are king. This is a wonderful setting for downhill skiing and for all the more recent way to slide over the snow. In summer, the white slopes metamorphose into vast green space - ideal for hikers - and the gorges roar with the torrents, which lend themselves so well to white water sports. The Tatra Mountains Dominate the northern part of Slovakia.They form part of the massive Karpaty Mountain span,1200 km long and form its highest mountain range.The Tatras form a natural frontier between Slovakia and Poland.The Tatra Mountains,a relatively small area spreading 786 sq. km,550 in Slovakia,are abundant in natural monuments,rich and individual fauna and flora species.The Tatra Mountains are 78 km long and 17 km wide and are divided into the West Tatra and East Tatra Mountains. The East Tatra Mountains are further divided into the Vysoke and Belianske Tatry Mountains. Regardless of your actual location,you will surely succumb to its magic and be overwhelmed with the desire to familiarize yourself with the Tatra Mountains. Since the beginning of time,man has been drawn to the sky.In the Tatra Mountains you can really enjoy the excitement that the elevation gives you.In the company of experienced guides,less experienced tourists can also conquer the high peaks of Slovakia,eleven of which exceed a height of 2,600 m.